The Luxe Guide to Choosing the Best Burger Bun

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When it comes to crafting the perfect burger, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle is the bun. Not all burger buns are created equal, and choosing the right bun is important. What’s more, different burgers suit different buns. It’s like matching the right wine - every burger has it’s perfect bun.

What can be agreed upon, however, is that soft burger buns are the best, across the board. The ideal burger bun is pillowy soft, squishy and tender. It needs enough structural integrity that it will hold strong with a juicy burger, but should never be tough and chewy - that would distract from all the other delicious flavours and textures in a perfectly crafted burger.

At Luxe, we’ve spent a long time perfecting the art of the burger bun, and we’ve settled on the top 3 soft buns you should be using for your delicious burgers: The Milk Bun, The Potato Bun and The Brioche Bun. However, it’s not just about picking your favourite, each one has its strengths and each one shines with a different type of burger.

Here’s our guide to what burger bun to use, when.

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Potato Bun

A Potato Bun is the classic choice for an American style burger. Made with additional potato flakes, they are sturdy and strong, while at the same time soft and moist and with a slightly sweet flavour. This makes it the perfect vehicle for a juicy beef burger with a range of sauces and fillings. It’s able to hold strong in your hands, whilst not being too bulky or chewy. This means the flavours of the burger can shine through, without being overwhelmed by anything too doughy or starchy. It also brings its own gentle flavour profile to add to the overall combination of the burger.

The soft but substantial texture makes it the perfect bun for a cheeseburger.

Milk Bun

Milk Buns have had a huge resurgence in recent years, and for many venues are the bun of choice. The milk bun is even softer than a potato bun, yet has a slightly crispier exterior, which adds an extra texture to a burger. Underneath the golden shell, the milk bun is a very soft, sponge-like bread and is less sweet than a potato bun. This means not only does it absorb the juices and flavours very well, but it also takes on the flavours of the burger ingredients, meaning zero distraction from the heroe ingredients of the burger.

Milk buns are perfect for burgers with a more delicate flavour combination, as they don’t overpower the burger. Think chicken burgers or simple hamburgers.

Brioche Bun

The brioche bun used to be a real novelty on the burger scene, but has since become a staple. Brioche buns are buttery and sweet - also heavy in both eggs and milk. Before gaining popularity as a burger bun, Brioche buns were typically used in desserts and sweets.

A brioche bun becomes one of the ‘hero’ ingredients in the burger, adding its own sweet flavour. This means they are best paired with burgers where the sweetness is a compliment. Think spicy southern fried chicken burgers, tangy pulled pork, vege burgers with lots of fresh flavours or anything with a zesty slaw.

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If you’re looking for the perfect burger bun that will shine on your menu, look no further than Luxe. We bake burger buns daily, with milk buns, potato buns, brioche buns, slider buns, hot dog rolls, rustic dairy free shapes and many more on offer.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team and arrange to sample our beautifully crafted buns, fill out the wholesale enquiry form here.

Trish Roubetis