High Quality Products, Exceptional Service.

At Luxe Bakery, we love what we do. Our team of passionate artisan bakers and pastry chefs create the highest quality handcrafted products and constantly deliver new, fun and exciting products.

Our sales and customer service teams go out of the way to provide an exceptional service. To make life easier for you, we provide next day delivery (even for sourdough) across our whole range.


Product Categories

Artisan Sourdough are definitely the heroes of our extensive bakery range, and we are known for our famous pastry selection especially our classic Bran Muffins, our luxurious Banana Bread and indulgent Almond Croissants - the best in town.




Flour, water, salt & time. It sounds so simple but at Luxe Bakery it’s an art, we love creating the perfect Sourdough.

Specialty Breads

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The quality of the bun or roll is the first thing you notice when you go to eat any gourmet burger or sandwich. At Luxe Bakery it starts with our ingredients.

Cakes & Pastries

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At Luxe Bakery our skilled team of pastry chefs are innovators and perfectionists, handcrafting the flakiest croissants, the most delicate tarts, cakes, cookies and slices with the freshest of ingredients.


Luxe is perfect coffee, fresh food, fine wine and artisan baked goods, all made with love. Find our handmade baked goods served daily in our 5 Sydney cafes offering a relaxed atmosphere and great service.



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Bondi Junction

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